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Find Competition Results is used to display the published results for a competition, or to drill-down further to find results for a particular class, exhibitor or entry.

Initially displayed in the results view pane are the winners of the highlight classes, or classes of high public interest for the competition.

Choose Find, to display all published results for the competition.  Then use the 'Search for Results' field to further filter the results to show the information you are interested in.

The results shown in the view pane includes the following information.  The full information will only be shown if it is present and relevant to the competition.
  • Competition name
  • Class name
  • Class supporter name and prizes available
  • Judges comments for the class and the level/group of classes that it is a member of
  • Catalogue Number
  • Placing
  • Score, if applicable
  • Publication name for the entry

Scroll down to see all results, or reduce the information displayed by using the 'Search for Results' field, or by the advanced criteria exposed by choosing the Hide/Show button. All results displayed in the view pane can be Printed or exported to a spreadsheet by choosing Export.

Results that are displayed with an expand/collapse arrow next to the catalogue number have additional information available. This can be:
  • Detailed result criteria information that was used to determine the overall score or place
  • Associated Result information – this shows other classes that the class entry also participated in. This is typically where a class entry has progressed to a special class such as a final, or trophy. When a Champion class is selected the associated results make it easy to see where the class entry commenced, including its specific details such as color or breed.

Associated results are shown in an additional pane at the bottom of the results display. Scroll down to view this information when you are prompted to do so.

All results displayed in the view pane can be exported to a spreadsheet by choosing the Export button. Results can be shown in a print-ready format by choosing the Print button. Information in the Detailed Result pane can be printed separately.

Results are available for viewing as they are released by the ASWS, during or after the competition.

Results for previous competitions can be found by using the advanced search criteria exposed by choosing Hide/Show.

Main control buttons

Find - choose to start a search for competition results, using the criteria specified.  If there is no criteria, ALL results for the competition will be returned.

Reset - clear the search criteria.

Print – show the results in the view pane in a printer-friendly format, and print

Export - export all of the results displayed in the view pane to a spreadsheet-compatible format (CSV).  Further analyse the information using functions in Excel such as pivot tables, graphs and filtering. Additional profiling information is included in the export file to that displayed in the view pane.

Hide/Show - toggle the display of the advanced search criteria fields on and off.

Refine the search results

Competition results can be found through a simple search interface, or through more advanced criteria which provides access to previous competitions, and also provides options to restrict the results to just entries that were awarded places, and other search modifiers.

The 'Search for Results' field will match results found across all of the following information.
  • Exhibitor Name
  • Class name
  • Class entry name
  • Catalogue number

eg. Enter '3591' and choose Find to return the class entry with Catalogue Number 3591.  Enter 'Stout' to return all class entries of that type of beer.  Enter 'Smith' to return all class entries that have Smith as the exhibitor.

Expand the search criteria area by choosing Hide/Show to reveal additional filtering capabilities.
  • Competition and Class Browser
  • Search Filters/Modifiers

Use the Competition drop-down to select a competition.  The default is the currently open, or current year's competition.  Once a competition is selected, the class hierarchy will be updated.  Tick a checkbox to select all classes in a level/group, or navigate to a specific class and tick it.  Results will be returned for all classes within a level/group, as well as any specific classes ticked.

The Search Filters/Modifiers can be used to:
  • Limit the results displayed to only those entries that were awarded a place or commendation
  • Limit the results diplayed to the Highlight or Public Interest classes only.

The search criteria and search filters work in conjunction.  eg. ticking awarded entries and highlight classes will only show the placegetters for the highlight classes.


My RASV Results can be used to show a person's results across all competitions that they have entered.  You must be logged on before you can access My Profile.